Key to Online Abstract Submission

AbstractMagix is a software developed to collect and evaluate abstracts online which are going to be presented during the congress, in the desired format. Online abstract management and evaluation is one of the main and most important features of an event management system. Moving this service to a digital platform, eliminated the long-term operations of the secretariat and human based errors, at the same time upgrading the quality of the organization by contributing to cost saving. AbstractMagix solution eases the process of absract editing and management through administrator interfaces. Thus, system administrators and committee
chairmen can easily make all the settings of the system over the web.

Key Features

  • Automatically sends feedback to authors
  • Easy to publish on event website
  • Eases abstract rating systems
  • Edit and manage abstracts through administrator interface
  • Automated result evaluation and scorings
  • Integrated in WebMagix as one of the Key Models

AbstractMagix Serve

  • PCO’s
  • Associations