Broadcast Your Event

TVMagix is a TV Channel for presenting photos, interviews with key opinion leaders, delegate pictures, audio information, text, time, twitter and weather during event. This allows the organizers to keep participants up to date with the latest changes either via twitter or text. Want to show the participants who missed the opening ceremony a video of it? It can be immediately uploaded into the Event TV and it will be shown on all screens at hall enterance and key locations at the venue.

Key Features

  • Stand alone or integrated with Paperless Web.
  • Online or offline mode.
  • Supports two different Twitter accounts.
  • Twitter uses paperless Twitter proxy to allow for a quick distribution of the tweets to other platforms.
  • Timer can be set for displaying each file.
  • Interactive
  • Broadcast recorded interviews and session’s webcast.
  • Weather module

TVMagix Serve

  • PCO’s
  • Associations
  • Event Organizers