Feedback to Any Asked Question

QuizMagix is a feature that allows live interaction between the speaker and the audience in real time. Each delegate is able to answer a question or even participate in an opinion survey in real time via the Mobile web page. The question is displayed at the main screen and the delegate accesses he question via the congress app, after a time frame given time for example (20 sec.) the results are displayed at the main screen. The application is web-based application that allows users to access questions in a given session.

Key Features

  • Real time Audience Feedback to any asked question
  • Full integration with Programmagix
  • Operational from the personal device of the delegate over wifi or sms
  • Full control to the session chair to add questions in real time to be displayed at the main screen
  • Operational via Timer that grants an accurate results according the given time of Voting
  • Results display in real time at the main screen

QuizMagix Serve

  • PCO’s
  • Associations
  • Event Organizers
  • Cooperations