Innovative Digital Posters

Replace the Paper Poster with innovative digital ePosters. E-Poster module is a platform for easy collection and display o f electronic posters. For each e-Poster speaker is given a unique username a nd password that will allow him access to the system to manage his e-Posters.
Easy sectioning tool allows the speaker to split the e-Poster i nto smaller areas for better viewing of smaller data such as tables or char ts. e-PosterMagix are presented onsite on touchscreen monitor and b oth enhance the techonology forward look of your meeting, but can b e used to drive traffic to particular areas. Those allowing to hold eposter presentations in TED Style.

Key Features

  • Stand alone and integrated with ProgramMagix
  • 3 different types of views: gallery, list and thumbnails
  • Supports grouping of posters into topics and subtopics
  • Ability to highlight text to emphasize a specific information (available in area highlight only).
  • The speaker can set properties about e-Poster visibility (before, during, after the event).
  • Easy navigation in e-Poster areas and e-between Posters
  • Screensaver that shows next (or random) e-Posters.
  • Landscape and portrait support for viewer.
  • Ability to search e-Posters according to various filters.
  • Screensaver can display sponsors logo.

E-PosterMagix Serve

  • PCO’s
  • Fair Organizers
  • Associations
  • Event Organizers