A core principle in Verus   is to make no compromise in analyzing your need and to deliver a solution that will suit your Need, Our Expertise extends far beyond the software and services that we provide. We deliver the framework both in Event operations and software for events.

We are Proud to be a Part of VERUS Family

Our team has grown OVER THE LAST 15 YEARS with the help of relatives, friends and their friends. Majority of us are together for the last 25 years! We believe that we have made excellent choices in both the friends & family, plus the recruited specialists in our team. We love the feedback from our Business partners about our Solutions and outstanding performance, but what we enjoy more is when our staff member is mentioned in the many “thank you” letters that we receive.

We are proud of our Innovation  team that is another big advantage for our Partners . Few companies exists that truly know and understand conferencing both in Operations and IT Needs. We provide solutions to our clients’ based on their needs both in Operations, continuous Education and Networking Before During and After the event.

We will be delighted to be a part of your team in order to serve your Need!

You are Welcome to speak to us in Person!